Learning to design sucessful KA1 ERASMUS+ projects

Categories: Gestión de Proyectos
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Course Overview

We offer you a different training that will allow you to make successful proposals in the framework of the call for projects KA1 – Erasmus + 2019. Beyond concepts, beyond theoretical presentations, we developed for you a course which results from the knowledge and expertise of professionals with over 20 years of experience in the submission and management of European projects, including the ERASMUS+ Programme.


20 hours


Training professionals who want to increase their skills in KA1 – Erasmus + projects.
Training Centres managers and administrators.
Technical staff from universities, schools and vocational education and training.
Professionals of the Public Administration.


To know the advantages of the call for projects ERASMUS + -KA1 for your organization.
To learn to submit a successful project proposal and to manage easily manage the Programme.
To discover all the secrets of the call for proposals and the programme.


Module 1: What is ERASMUS PLUS?

  • What is Erasmus+? Concept you should know.
  • Different type of Actions int he Programme: Structure.
  • The keys of the Programme.
  • Programme glossary: ERASMUS+ language.

Module 2: Who can participate?

  • Who can participate in a KA1 project?
  • Which countries can take part?
  • Who is going to manage my project proposal?
  • What type of project can be financed?

Module 3. Working on the project proposal

  • The proposal sections: what they ask us to provide.
  • How to complete and compose the different sections properly.
  • Which are the most important areas and sections.
  • Administrative documents.
  • How to design the Budget.
  • Final review and check.
  • The process of filling in and sending the application form.
  • Language and technicalities that we are interested in introducing.

Module 4. What about the partners? Formal requirements and informal recommendations to organize a successful partnership.

  • How to create the partnership of a KA1 Project.
  • How to manage the participation of the partners.
  • Tools for partners´ search:
  • Formal.
  • Informal.
  • Practical recommendations.

Module 5. How will my proposal be evaluated?

  • Evaluation criteria of a KA1 proposal.
  • Scores of the different sections.
  • Criteria of evaluators and evaluation indicators.
  • Key aspects in the evaluation process.
    Tips to improve my score.


  • Further reading and complementary reference documents.
  • Activities and exercises.
  • Specific bibliography.
  • Webgraphy.